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Conditions of Use

General Terms and Conditions for our Online Shop

These General Terms and Conditions govern the entry into force of the contract, the obligations of Y.P.C.B. Ltd. and the buyer, and the performance of the contracts concluded between the buyer and Y.P.C.B Ltd.

I. Object of the General Terms and Conditions

1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the terms of all contracts between Y.P.C.B. Ltd. and the buyer at the Y.P.C.B. Ltd. shop (the “Buyer”) concluded via the Y.P.C.B. Ltd. Online Shop. The version of the General Terms and Conditions valid on conclusion of the contract shall apply.

2. Any terms and conditions of the Buyer conflicting with or deviating from our terms and conditions shall not be accepted, unless we have expressly approved them in writing. Individual agreements shall remain unaffected by the preceding regulation.

II. Conclusion of contract

1. Details of the products on offer in the Y.P.C.B. Ltd. Online Shop, including pictures, drawings, descriptions, information on measurements, weights, service and use, as well as details of the compatibility of machines for new technologies, are non-binding, unless they have been expressly described as binding.

2. The offers made by the Y.P.C.B. Ltd. Online Shop shall be non-binding. By clicking the order button, the Buyer expressly acknowledges his intention to procure the contents of the shopping basket. We are authorised to accept the contract offer contained therein within one week. Such acceptance may be expressed by delivering the goods or service or by otherwise confirming to the Buyer our acceptance of his order. The contract shall take effect once the order has been accepted.

III. Duty to notify on the part of the Buyer

1. The Buyer is required to provide truthful information when registering. If there is a change in the details of the Buyer, in particular his name, address, e-mail address, telephone number or bank details, he is required to notify us immediately to that effect by changing the information given in the Y.P.C.B. Ltd. Online Shop.

2. If the Buyer fails to provide such information or provides incorrect information from the outset, in particular an incorrect e-mail address, we are authorised to terminate any contract that may have taken effect. Notice of termination will be given in writing, which may include sending the Buyer an e-mail to that effect.

3. Once a contract has been concluded, we shall send the Buyer an e-mail containing information for the customer to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer when registering.

4. The customer shall ensure that the e-mail address provided by him is reachable after it has been provided and that it is not impossible to receive e-mail messages owing to the transfer, shutdown or overloading of his e-mail account.

5. Should any product or its presentation or its description collide with the laws or reglementations of one of our client’s country, the client is kindly asked to inform us and we will immediately make the necessary changes. Do not engage any juristical assistance for which we will not pay for.

Just before or after New Year or whenever the collection will be renewed, minor changements or modifications of the products are possible. YPCB Ltd will then deliver the new products and only in case of major changes inform the client.


The total amount of the order is to be paid no more later than 8 days after ordering. We accept pre-payment, Paypal, Credit-Card, Pay on delivery for these countries where it can be applied. We also accept the German Bank – Collect system (“Bankeinzug”).“On delivery payments” (fee Euro 2.50) may in certain countries be charged with an additional local fee or commission.

Your order will be executed after your payment within normal limits. If no payment can be traced, your order will be cancelled.


IV. Right to cancel contracts

Consumers are authorised to cancel their declaration of intent to conclude a contract between us and the consumer using a means of distance communication only within a two-week deadline. Such deadline shall commence for the delivery of goods on the day the goods are received by the recipient. The cancellation need not be justified and must be made in writing on a durable medium or by returning the goods, the date as postmark. If the consumer cancels his declaration of intent within the above deadline, he shall no longer be bound by the declaration of intent established with us on conclusion of the contract.

The goods shall be returned to us immediately once the consumer has exercised his right to cancel, unless the right to cancel was already exercised by returning the goods. Goods returned must be in perfect shape, unused, unopened unless the cancellation will not be accepted.

V. Delivery of goods

1. Once the goods have been handed over to the delivery firm (post-office, DHL, UPS etc., we have fulfilled our contractual obligations and all risk shall pass to the Buyer. The client may choose between normal delivery (Euro 8,00Stand Nov. 06) or registered delivery and insured (Euro 12.--Stand Nov. 06]. All orders above Euro 50.—will be sent registered or by a handling firm requesting a receipt.

All given terms of delivery are not binding. Normally, the parcel is handed immediately to the carrier or post – office, although 14 days of delivery delay is possible. If the given product has no indication of an even longer delivery term. Usually, the client will receive its order within 8 days and will be informed of any delay.

2. If the item ordered is not available, we reserve the right to send the Buyer an equivalent item in terms of quality and price (replacement item).

3. If it is not possible to deliver an equivalent item in terms of quality and price, we shall be authorised to terminate the contract and to refuse delivery. In such an event, we undertake to inform the Buyer immediately that the goods cannot be delivered and to refund any payment made by the Buyer immediately.

4. If the Buyer fails to accept delivery or breaches other contractual obligations, we shall be authorised to request payment of any damages, including any additional expenses. The risk of accidental loss or deterioration of the item procured shall be borne by the Buyer once he fails to accept delivery thereof.

5. If an item cannot be delivered anymore or can only be delivered at a reduced quantity, YPCB Ltd my either deliver the order partly or not at all. YPCB Ltd. May deliver a very similar product of same quality and price.

6. All items presented on our shops as well as their prices are offers which may be modified or eliminated at any time with no obligation for YPCB Ltd to deliver one or several from them.

7. Our prices include the legal V.A.T. from Luxembourg for all deliveries in countries from the UE. For orders outside the UE V.A.T. will be calculated at the rate of the country the order comes from.

8. Transportation fees are always charged to the buyer.

9. Any damaged item while transported must be reported by the buyer with the necessary documentation and proofs. YPCB Ltd. will then replace.

VI. Guarantee

1. If the item to be delivered is defective, including the absence of warranted characteristics, we shall be authorised, at our own discretion, to repair the defective item or to deliver a new item. If the repairs or new delivery prove ineffective, the Buyer shall be entitled to a discount on the price or to rescind the contract.

2. The Buyer is required to allow us to inspect the defective item.

3. The provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 above shall apply accordingly to any claims by the Buyer arising as a result of recommendations or advice or the breaching of obligations to inform, notify or advise the Buyer within the framework of this contract. If the Buyer is entitled to receive damages in cash, such entitlement shall not be affected thereby.

Most of our products are guaranteed for two years


Our Privacy Guarantee is really quite simple… we respect yours. 

Data Collection and Storage 

We've designed and structured our entire site so that you can visit and browse without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. The only way for us to obtain any personal information about you at all is for you to tell us yourself. For example, when you place an order or ask us for information, we may store your name, address and telephone number and/or email address on our secure server. For optimal security, your credit card number is deleted automatically from our secure servers immediately after you place your order. To comply with tax laws, we may keep a printed copy of your order on file in our Accounting Department.

Your Email Address

Your email address may be automatically added to our internal database whenever you: 1. Place an order. 2. Request a quote. 3. Subscribe to our newsletter. 4. Request additional information by email. To "unsubscribe" or delete your email address from our list, simply send a blank email with "remove" in the subject line to: info@luxswiss.com

Our Information Non-Disclosure GUARANTEE

We will never sell, rent, give, share or otherwise disclose to any third party any information that you may provide to us about you, your business, your website or your methods and procedures, without your knowledge or consent without a subpoena or court order.

Y.P.C.B. Company (Luxswiss)

VII. Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Luxembourg.


Mamer, November 14, 2006

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